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Spring Weatherly 2021

Spring Weatherly Hillclimb was last weekend – June 13-14, 2021 – and it was great to be back at a hill again!   There was a huge turnout, with 99 timed entries, and we somehow managed to fit all of the cars and campers into the pit area.  Thanks to everyone who put their trailer in the foundry parking lot to help relieve the space issue in the pits!

It rained Friday afternoon into late-night, so the course was wet when we started running on Saturday morning.  We also had some more rain overnight Saturday, so the course never completely dried out all weekend, especially at turn 1.   At least it wasn’t cold, but I’m sure that I can speak for everyone in wishing for a little more sunshine.

Bryan Fritzler took FTD with a 49.989 in his 73 Tui BH3 that he runs in Special 1. 

George Bowland took second place in his 03 BBR Cheeta that he also runs in Special 1, and was only .252 seconds behind Bryan with a 50.241.   Liam Ryan was third in his 17 Crosskart Ex, also in Special 1, with a 51.095.   The Weatherly course record is 47.592 set by George Bowland in 2012, so these are very impressive times given the conditions.   I don’t have pictures of either of these cars unfortunately, but I will add them later if I find some.

There were 2 “door slammers” in the top 10, and they deserve mention!  Mark Aubele in his 03 Ford Mustang in SPO came in 4th with a 52.220. 

And Eric Johnson in his 79 Ford Mustang in SMR came in 10th with a 56.287.

I’m sure that most of you know that we lost Nelson Kase over the winter.  Steve Lewis has taken over timing and is doing an amazing job.  There were a couple of hardware issues during the event, but timing ran very smoothly otherwise.  Steve was able to take a few runs in his own 2019 Ford Mustang GT that he runs in ESP, and took the class win with a 57.628! 

We were all really happy to see Rod Holtzapple return!  His 63 Thunder Road, aka the Varmint, was a sight for sore eyes!

One of my favorite pictures of the weekend was this one, with Ursula Whisler, Donna Robinson and Kristen Hack supporting Kacey Avril.  It is really great to see so many women racing! 

As far as my car goes, I am still running my FSP 87 Scirocco 16V, as the GT3 car isn’t ready – the part we were waiting for was lost in transit.  My times were comparable to the last time I ran this car at Weatherly, and I was quite happy with it.  My mostly stock car may be slow in the straights, but is still quite a lot of fun to fling around the turns!

And speaking of Sciroccos, here’s a great shot of turnaround from James Apgar, who has the Jetta in between the Sciroccos.

Our next event is Pagoda Hillclimb in Reading on June 26-27.  Hope to see you there!

Spring Jefferson 2021

Spring Jefferson 2021 is in the books!  It’s great to be finally back at what appears to be the start of a normal season.  But it was cold and raining on Friday and the forecast was bleak.   We still had a great turn out.

Conditions didn’t improve by Saturday morning, and the track was very wet.   Many of us went out anyway.

The rain lightened up, and by Sat afternoon, the track was mostly dry.   By Sunday, the track was completely dry.  It was still cold — in the 50’s (F) — but dry.  And quite a few track records were set!

I ran my FSP Scirocco as the GT3 Scirocco is still not quite ready.   And I ran in the All Scirocco Pod again — here we are meeting up before getting in line.

And yes, it definitely dried out enough for the open wheel cars to come out  and play on Sunday.

Bryan  Fritzler took FTD with a 73.46, with Bob Gardner (current track record holder) in 2nd place.  Given the conditions, there was some pretty impressive driving out there!

Our next event is Spring Weatherly , June 12-13 2021.  Hope to see you there!


PHA at the 2021 Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals

Since 2006, the PHA Race Car Paddock display has been a major presence at the Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals, and this year was no different.   Our exhibit includes videos, pictures and literature.  But most importantly, it includes a large group of PHA race cars and their drivers who are happy to interact with visitors. 

This year we had around 20 cars on display, and the Race Paddock saw a steady stream of visitors the entire time.  Some just walked through and looked at the cars, but many stopped at our literature table to ask questions, or stopped to talk to the drivers.   I personally spoke to many different people, and had a great time not only promoting hillclimbing, but also pointing people who were not quite ready to build hillclimb cars to autocrossing as a great way to get started. 

And then there was the fun of walking around the show itself.   I have limited mobility these days, but I always try to make a point to find the Italian cars (to see if any Lancia Betas show up) and the VWs (to see if there are any other VW Sciroccos). 

This year the Italian section was about as far away from the Race Car Paddock as you could get, but Glenn Hoffman and I made it all the way over there, and spotted one of my favorite Betas, although the Zagato that is normally on display didn’t make it this year.  The Beta I owned (and that I’m missing) was not in anyway near this mint condition, but it was a really cool and fun car. 

And then there was this Alfa — I’m not thrilled about most modern cars, but this was really beautiful:

In the featured display building, this Pantera caught my eye:

There was so much more, including the pristine Integra Type R for sale, the Dune Buggies and the Opel display!  And we had excellent weather for once.  If you’ve thought about displaying your car in PHA’s Race Car Paddock, I highly recommend it for next year.

Oh, and as for VW Scirocco spotting, there was one driving around the VW area while I was walking through, so I just missed that one on display.  There was another that a spectator brought that was in really beautiful shape.

But PHA had 2 on display — mine and the Axarlis FSP car: