Driver Checklist

Here is a short list of what you will need for yourself and your car before coming to an event. This list covers the major items, but every situation is a little different so it’s a good idea to join our forum or visit the FACEBOOK PHA page and talk to some of our members after you decide you are interested. Technical Inspectors and drivers are a great resource and can help you avoid some of the mistakes they have seen (and made) over the years.


To get started we’ll need you to fill out a little paperwork and join our club. It’s possible to this at your first event but you’ll be busy enough so it’s much better to take care of this ahead of time. Memberships and Drivers Licenses will no longer be re-newed at an event, First time novices Only.

Driver Safety Equipment

This is the minimum amount of personal safety equipment you will need in order to compete. Keep in mind this is a dangerous sport and safety gear is not a smart place to save money.

  • Helmet
  • Balaclava (if you have facial hair)
  • Fire Suit
  • Nomex Socks
  • Leather (or fireproof) Shoes
  • Gloves

Car Preparation

Again these are the minimum preparations needed. Check the requirements for your specific class and please take the time to talk to our technical advisors. They can save you some time and guide you through what you need.