Get Involved

Whether your are interested in driving, spectating or being an official we are always happy to meet new people.  Come out and see an event and watch from many of the spectator areas set up along the course.  Or walk through the pit area and meet some of the drivers.   If you have any questions there are always some officials near the start line. You’re welcome to stop by to find out more, just please be aware there are some areas restricted for your safety.


Check out the Rules page for more information about what a typical event weekend is like and what you should know before you get started in preparing a car.


The PHA events are spectator and family friendly, and most have designated areas for the best viewing from safe locations along the course.  The pit area is generally open to everyone (with some restricted areas), so you can check out the cars and talk to the drivers, and we encourage this! Also, while at events, if you have a smart phone, you  can keep up with the event results on our live results page!


An official? That doesn’t sound like much fun. But being an official is as close as you can get to the action without being in the car. And it hardly seems like work when you’re around race cars. We are always looking for new people to help out, whether it is working the start line just a few feet away from the cars or manning a turn keeping an eye on the course and ready to respond if a car has an “incident.” No experience is necessary, we’ll train you and provide lunch. Just pack the right clothes and supplies to be outside for the day. It is helpful to contact the event organizer or our worker representative so they can tell you what to expect.

If interested, please check out our volunteer page.

PHA Rules

The PHA Hillclimb and Time Trial series is operated under the PHA Supplemental Rules.