About PHA

The Pennsylvania Hillclimb Association, better known to our friends as PHA, was founded in 1959 to standardize the rules between the many hillclimbs of the time.  From that beginning some hillclimb sites have passed by while new ones have been added. Many of the names and faces have changed, but some are still here racing. Through it all we have remained an enthusiastic group of clubs, events and racers eager to test our vehicles and driving skills on tracks and winding uphill roads in the Northeast.

Almost every driving enthusiast had a favorite stretch of road, the one where you know every curve, every dip in the pavement. And we have all wondered the same thing, how fast can I take those turns? Unfortunately safety and legality make that a question we shouldn’t answer. But hillclimbs are a chance to test ourselves and our cars on some difficult uphill climbs free from worry about oncoming traffic, pedestrians, and unappreciative law enforcement officers.

But we are more than just a chance to drive fast. We are even more than a group of drivers to compare times against. We are a group of friends always ready to help another driver and always ready to welcome a newcomer interested in joining the sport. If any of this sounds interesting please look through our site and if you have any questions visit our contact list. We are always looking for new participants and an answer is rarely more than a phone call or email away.